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      Corporate Social Responsibility

      ???? We aim to champion our CSR engagement and inspire other actors of the business community in Myanmar. In order to achieve this goal, we are committed to identify, manage and fix sustainability-related risks including human capital risk, safety risks, environmental risks as well as fraud and corruption risks.

      ???? Our role as an active citizen means sharing the concerns of our society and taking on the responsibility for its improvement. Our aim is also to go beyond donations and be actively involved in projects that have positive impact for the community and the society. The focus is put on the communities evolving around the sites where we operate in order to ensure a better alignment of core business practices with community investment.

      ???? The company also strives to identify opportunities in managing its portfolio to deliver long term benefits while responding to climate change risks. We are committed to sustainably reduce our consumption and minimize our environmental footprint. Our environmental policy is articulated around three main pillars:

      - Design, according to the scope of sustainability

      - Act, in order to reduce our environmental impact

      - Champion, by raising awareness amongst our internal and external public.

      ???? Finally, we adopt a “zero-tolerance” approach against all forms of corruption, bribery and extortion, in line with our commitment to maintain high ethical standards which is integral to our corporate identity and our business. We are much attached to give a transparent, relevant and fair report on our activities. We dedicate time and people to provide an accurate assessment of our procedures and actions.

      ???? Our CSR strategy relies on the “3 C’s” principle: Commitment / Communication / Championship. Empowering our corporate social responsibility arm, our High Tech Concrete, group member of Shwe Taung actively reaches out to others to become a catalyst of positive change that will enable communities to live better, safer and happier.

      ????? As part of Shwe Taung Group, our CSR engagements are aligned with the engagements taken by our group in terms of people, environment, governance and communities. To learn more about our commitments, you can visit Shwe Taung Group’s website Here.

      As member of the UN Global Compact, you can also consult or Communication On Progress

      STG COP Report Link

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      As a market leader in construction materials industry, High Tech Concrete Co., Ltd. manufactures and supplies ready-mixed concrete as well as provides related services to construction sites all over Myanmar.


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